Shareholder information

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Declaration of no objection from DNB

One of the 100% indirect subsidiaries of Just Eat N.V., Payments B.V., is a payment institution under supervision of DNB and as a result it is required to comply with rules applicable to payment institutions. As a consequence of one of these rules, each person is required to obtain a declaration of no objection from DNB before it can hold, acquire or increase a holding of 10% or more of the shares and/or voting rights in Just Eat N.V. requires a declaration of no objection from DNB prior to obtaining such a holding and that certain changes to such an interest may also require such a regulatory approval.

Shareholders with 3% or more interest

According to the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, investors are required to notify the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) if their shareholding or voting rights reach, exceed or fall below certain thresholds. Such disclosures can be found at

In addition, due to Brexit, since 1 January 2021, shareholders are required to notify Just Eat N.V. in accordance with the UK Disclosure and Transparency Rules (DTR) when their voting rights reach, exceed or fall below certain thresholds. More information can be found on

In accordance with the filing requirements, the percentages shown include both direct and indirect capital interests and voting rights and both real and potential capital interest and voting rights. According to the AFM register as at 23 July 2021, shareholders who have disclosed holdings exceeding the 3% threshold are as follows: