Daylight Savings Time delayed dinner by 52 minutes on Sunday

Consumers shifted their food ordering behaviour by ordering 52 minutes later on the first day of Summer Time. Internal data analysis* by Just Eat, one of the world’s leading food delivery marketplaces, shows that in the days after the clock slipped ahead one hour on Sunday 26 March, consumers slowly moved back into their old schedule. It took four days before consumers were back to ordering dinner at their regular time.

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The trend is similar across all twelve continental European markets Just Eat is active in. For example, consumers in Italy and Spain ordered around 9pm, while consumers in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark ordered around 7pm - all 52 minutes later than they usually would. 

Sundays are traditionally the busiest day of the week for Just Eat platforms in Europe. On Sunday, March 26, we found that most consumers across our markets opted for easy-to-share comfort food like pizza and cheeseburgers.

At Just Eat, we're committed to providing our consumers and partners with the best experience and one of the ways we do this is through the use of data. As a company, we operate across 20 markets, working with hundreds and thousands of partners, serving 90 million consumers, and through this, we have access to a huge wealth of interesting trends and insights in consumer and industry behaviour which helps us to optimise the services we offer to our network Daniel Bos, Director of Data and Analytics at Just Eat  

* Based on internal research with aggregated data from Just Eat consumers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia and Switzerland.

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