Longest European Food Delivery by bike finishes at the Just Eat Takeaway.com HQ in Amsterdam

Copenhagen - Berlin - Wroclaw - Vienna - Milan - Barcelona - Paris - Antwerp - Amsterdam 

Two Dutch pro cyclists, Eva and Mari, have travelled over 3,000 km across European mainland to complete the Longest European Food Delivery by bike. Their tour kicked off in Copenhagen on the 6th of July and finished in Amsterdam at the Just Eat Takeaway.com (JET) HQ at the 8th of September.

During this bike tour, the bikers visited multiple European markets in which Just Eat Takeaway.com, one of the world’s leading global online food delivery marketplaces, is active. Known as Just Eat in Denmark, Italy and Spain, Lieferando in Germany, Pyszne.pl in Poland, Takeaway.com in Belgium and ending the longest food delivery in JET’s home market Thuisbezorgd.nl in the Netherlands.

The ultra bikers visited offices and delivery hubs in European cities where they engaged with staff and couriers getting to know the unique JET culture. And of course, there was food involved. They tasted local delicacies and delivered meals to local customers in each of the cities they visited.

#JETEuroBikeTour by the numbers

The ultra bikers cycled through 9 countries, made 27 food deliveries, had 16 office and hub tours, met over 100 JETers across Europe, resulting in more than 35 interviews leading to 9 video episodes documenting their trip and the JET colleagues around Europe.

In Amsterdam both ultra bikers were warmly welcomed by the Dutch Just Eat Takeaway.com crew. A celebration of the achievement, a small award ceremony, followed by a fireside chat with the ladies about their experiences during the challenge inspiring JET colleagues.

The end of the Food Delivery Tour also marks the kickoff of the JET Global Wellbeing challenge, an internal initiative that focuses on encouraging all employees to get moving and to step in each others world’s, connecting through the unique stories of colleagues around the globe.


The adventures of Eva and Mari’s #JETEuroBikeTour are captured in vlog episodes which are available at the Just Eat Takeaway.com Youtube channel.

Pictures from the kickoff in Denmark

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Pictures from the finish in Amsterdam

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