Global superstar Katy Perry teams up with Just Eat

- RING, DING, DONG! The food delivery giant's 'Did Somebody Say’ tune has officially had a pop-makeover

- The new ‘Did Somebody Say’ Just Eat track features catchy rhymes about dishes for every meal occasion

- The California Girl singer injects her signature playful charm into a new music video for Just Eat, wowing in quirky and designer outfits, all inspired by her favourite food  

Katy Perry & Just Eat

Pop sensation, Katy Perry, picks up the mic to deliver joy in a new campaign for food delivery giant, Just Eat. Fans (or KatyCats) can expect fireworks in a new music video for the brand, where the star fuses music, fashion and all things food.

In true Katy Perry style, the video sees the California Girl opening her door to a Just Eat delivery courier who she welcomes into her dolls-house-inspired home. As the delivery courier hands Katy her meal, viewers are given a whistle stop tour of her fantastical world, complete with elaborate outfits, piano playing puppets, and of course fabulous food.

The iconic ‘Did Somebody Say… Just Eat’ hit has been remixed into a bubbly pop chart-topper Katy sings rhymes about the different dishes available from Just Eat. From a “curry in a hurry” with medium spice to “a little sushi while I watch a movie” and even a “papaya salad while I sing a ballad”, the tune celebrates how Just Eat satisfies every food craving.

Known for her love of eccentric fashion, having famously dressed as a hamburger at the 2019 Met Gala after party, Katy also dazzles in nine out-of-this-world outfits. All based on her favourite food, clips show Katy eating noodles in a Moschino two piece adorned with fried eggs, enjoying a “Sub in the tub” wearing a diamante lettuce bralet, and treating herself to ice cream in a custom made cake dress. 

Bringing her star power to the new gig, Katy co-created the music and lyrics featured in the campaign, which will no doubt have fans singing along.

Working with Just Eat was a really fun and natural experience. Coincidentally most of my records and eras have had food undertones to them, from strawberries, to peppermints to now mushrooms. Ordering takeaway is a regular Saturday night for me, so it was fun to channel that into a video that is a combination of the things that bring joy to my life: poppy bright colours, wild outfits, and food puns sung over a catchy tune. Katy Perry
 While there’s no denying that everyone loved Snoop, it’s now time for a new global icon to take centre stage. Katy Perry brings unparalleled star power and her playful nature matches ours to a tee. The playful lyrics about the food she craves echoes the huge variety of delicious dishes available on Just Eat. It’s not just a Friday night treat, we’ve seen growth in demand for delivery across breakfast, lunch, mid-week and even late night too. So for those, like Katy, who fancy an Acai bowl for breakfast, a margherita with extra cheese on it, or even a sub when they’re back from the club, will find it on Just Eat  Susan O’Brien, VP Global Brand at Just Eat

Fans can watch the full blockbuster advert during the ad break on Channel 4’s Gogglebox on Friday 20th May, or for those who can’t wait, it’s available now on YouTube.

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