Just Eat Spain launches its grocery convenience business with Gorillas, municipal markets and small businesses

  • Just Eat launches this new line of business with Gorillas and municipal markets in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante.
  • The grocery convenience business is complemented by more than 250 small businesses in Madrid and Barcelona and will be available to nearly 3 million users in Spain.
  • The platform plans to incorporate new partners from the food sector and foresees a rapid expansion to the rest of Spain's major cities.
  • With this launch, Just Eat reinforces its commitment to the Spanish market following the signing of the first collective bargaining agreement for the delivery sector in the country at the end of last year.
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Just Eat, the leading online food delivery platform in Spain, launches its home delivery of grocery convenience products, thus expanding its range of services to its nearly 3 million active users in the country. Through collaborations with various partners, Just Eat Spain offers consumers the possibility to purchase a wide range of fresh ingredients, hygiene and cleaning products, a service that is increasingly in demand among Spaniards.

Just Eat has reached an agreement with Gorillas in Spain, which includes 14 stores in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante in this first phase, a number that will increase rapidly. This collaboration will guarantee quality and efficiency in deliveries. Just Eat users who order through the platform, will receive their orders from Gorillas delivery drivers.

Just Eat will also offer fresh products through municipal markets. The platform features five of the main food markets in the city of Madrid, including Mercado de Chamberí, Mercado de la Paz, Mercado Barceló, Mercado de Prosperidad and Mercado de Las Águilas. 

This entry of Madrid markets has been managed through Mercado 47, a platform led by Hermeneus World and specialized in the digitization of municipal markets and local commerce, which contemplates the incorporation of markets and commercial galleries throughout the country to Just Eat in the near future.

Just Eat also incorporates into its grocery convenience business the offer of more than 250 small stores in Madrid and Barcelona, with a wide variety of gourmet products and traditional grocery stores, in order to facilitate the daily lives of consumers through home delivery. This service will be extended throughout Spain in the upcoming months to complement the catering and food offer in more than 2,500 municipalities where the app currently operates.

Just Eat is the leading online food delivery platform in Spain, covering 95% of the national territory. We want to take advantage of this experience and our network of delivery drivers to expand the offer we provide to our users with the delivery of food and convenience products, with the quality that characterizes us. This new service also allows us to expand our digitizing role, this time supporting the local commerce sector, as we have already been doing with the Spanish catering sector Patrik Bergareche, General Manager of Just Eat in Spain
Thanks to our software, local commerce can face the digital transformation process with the maximum guarantee of success, also enjoying the possibility of selling simultaneously in different channels through our multiplatform integration hub. At the same time, we enable companies such as Just Eat to efficiently implement themselves in new sectors, offering their last mile delivery solutions and providing small businesses with high visibility.  Eduardo Elorriaga, CEO of Hermeneus World
At Gorillas we believe that responsible consumption is one of the fundamental pillars in our fight for a more sustainable world. By cooking more at home, we make better use of the food we buy and, consequently, avoid the environmental impact of food waste in our country. We are proud to partner with Just Eat, as our values of sustainability and commitment to workers are perfectly aligned and we will be able to offer their users more fun and healthier ways to eat, which will benefit them and the planet at the same time.   Magdalena Szuszkiewicz, General Manager Gorillas

Just Eat reinforces its commitment to the Spanish market and is one of the many countries of the Just Eat Takeaway.com group, such as Germany, the UK, Australia and Canada, to offer grocery convenience products on the platform.

The company expects to include new partnerships in Spain in the coming months and to expand both its geographical scope and available products through the platform, which will allow for an easy and intuitive user experience. Just Eat is currently present in 2,500 municipalities in Spain and covers 95% of the national territory, with more than 25,000 associated restaurants in the country.

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