Lieferando expands grocery offer with online retailers in Germany

  • Groceries and convenience items from online retailer in Leipzig available for online delivery on Lieferando 
  • Grovy in Frankfurt am Main just launched
  • Wuplo in Berlin will follow end of March

The new partnerships with, Grovy and Wuplo expand the offering of Just Eat Takeaway’s Lieferando beyond the delivery of restaurant meals, enabling consumers to also order a range of different products, from fresh ingredients to last minute essentials. These new retail partners benefit from Lieferando's high consumer demand and leading brand recognition with more than 14 million active consumers nationwide. At the same time, Lieferando is well positioned to quickly scale the grocery business across its German marketplace reaching more than 95 percent of the German population. Groceries are now available on in 14 German cities, via new and existing retail partners like, Grovy, Spar, Shell and DB Service. 

Grocery and convenience are a market opportunity that further enhances our consumer proposition, drives networking effects and brand loyalty and represents an incremental consumer opportunity. We share a joint mission with, Grovy and Wuplo – and we are excited to expand our offering together Joerg Gerbig, COO of Just Eat
Our partnership provides benefits and synergies for both sides. Lieferando adds visibility and additional sales to our business as a retailer, while we help to expand Lieferando’s offer to groceries and other everyday products. We will launch with Lieferando in more cities in early 2022 – welcoming the flexibility to choose between self-delivery and leveraging Lieferando's established logistics network Karsten Schaal, Chief Operating Officer of
As a growth-oriented q-commerce and ultra-fast grocery delivery startup, Grovy is excited to build up a strong partnership with Lieferando as a German leader in online food delivery. Integrating our offer and service will be a win-win for both businesses and for food-loving consumers all over Europe Grovy's CEO Justin Adam
Lieferando’s food-centric marketplace, its marketing power and technology will be a perfect catalyst to serve the increasing demand for convenience grocery products, and from our end we will contribute by offering an excellent customer experience due to our expertise in the field Wuplo’s Founder Sergey Schetinin

For Lieferando's parent company Just Eat, the partnerships come as popularity for on-demand grocery and convenience deliveries is on the rise in Germany.  Following its global commitment to expand and grow its extensive existing delivery network through convenience grocery operations, Just Eat has set up a dedicated team to select and set up partnerships with convenience grocery partners such as traditional grocers, online retailers, convenience stores, bakeries and other specialists. Currently, the company supports more than 13,000 stores globally, including some of the most renowned grocery and convenience brands like 7-Eleven, Asda, One-Stop, Spar and Shell. In Canada, the company is also rolling-out the dark store model Skip Express Lane, including an end-to-end distribution network of micro-warehouses.

About Just Eat

Just Eat (LSE: JET, AMS: TKWY) is a leading global online food delivery marketplace.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Just Eat is focused on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platforms. With over 634,000 connected partners, Just Eat offers consumers a wide variety of food choice. Just Eat mainly collaborates with delivery restaurants. In addition, Just Eat provides its proprietary restaurant delivery services for restaurants that do not deliver themselves.

The combination of Just Eat and has rapidly grown to become a leading online food delivery marketplace with operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland, as well as through partnerships in Colombia and Brazil.

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