Food Trend Reports 2021

Across several Just Eat markets, our teams have analyzed orders and highlight industry trends from the past year about our eating habits, the restaurants that served us, and the positive impact the community has made. In addition, you can find out about upcoming trends predicted by food experts, trend watchers and sociologists in the reports linked below.

Germany - Lieferando: So bestellt Deutschland

Netherlands - Thuisbezorgd Food Trend Rapport 2021

Spain - El Gastrómetro 2021 de Just Eat

Italy - La mappa del cibo a domicilio in Italia

Poland - Raport Food Trendów 2021

France - Datalicious Report Just Eat

Switzerland - Der Just Eat Schweiz-Report (DE) | Au menu en Suisse en 2021 (FR)

United States - Grubhub Taste of 2021

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