Locked down Brits turn to takeaways for at home treats!

Meal and dessert deliveries have soared during lockdown according to new figures by Just Eat today.

Just Eat saw orders grow by 33% YOY in April and May during the height of lockdown whilst other data captured during the period reveals some surprising new trends.

The online delivery service has seen a significant surge in demand away from the traditional evening meal - breakfast deliveries saw orders increasing by 50% compared to the previous quarter, while lunch deliveries saw exceptional growth of 80%.

But while Brits may have been ordering more drinks during lockdown, their eating habits have become more adventurous. While Italian, Chinese and Indian food remain firm favourites, customers have been flocking to enjoy food which hails from popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and Asia, to recreate a taste of holiday at home.

Orders of Greek dishes are up by 116%, according to Just Eat, along with a 55% increase in Turkish food and a 57% increase in orders of Thai and Vietnamese food.

With so much time to consider their dietary intakes and an explosion of home fitness trends during the lockdown, Brits have also been increasingly opting for vegetarian or vegan options with orders increasing by 29% since mid-March.

However as a nation, we’ve also been seeking comfort in sweet treats - orders of desserts have increased by 93% since the start of lockdown, with Brits celebrating May’s record-breaking temperatures with the highest ever ice cream sales, which saw a 20% spike,

Andrew Kenny, Just Eat UK Managing Director said of the results:

“Lockdown conditions have really made a difference to UK takeaway habits - our customers are thinking about health and holidays as well as taking comfort in little treats like a delicious dessert or takeaway lunch to brighten our days. We’re delighted that with the support of our valued restaurant network we’ve been able to help customers enjoy more of the food they love at home.”
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Regional Trends

The UK's Top 10 Takeaway Towns

Based on the volume of orders during the period

  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Nottingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast

Regionally, Scotland has seen the biggest increase in orders of Greek food (167%), Wales has had the biggest lift in desserts (151%), Northern Ireland has been the area with the largest increase in breakfast orders (a whopping 182%).

Wales has also had the largest uplift in Japanese orders (129%) since the start of lockdown. Demand for Mexican food has risen highest in the North East (93%), closely followed by the South West (92%).

Hankerings for fish & chips have also risen across the UK, with the South West (133%) increasing most, followed by the East (114%), the South East (106%) and Wales (106%).

In England, dessert has seen the biggest increase in category orders from the East Midlands (89%), West Midlands (84%), the South East (123%) and the East (141%).

The North East’s top riser was vegan/vegetarian food (124%), while for the North West it was the traditional fish & chips (95%). Londoners apparently had a hankering for Greek feasts (95% increase), followed by fish & chips (67%).